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Please note the estimator program is still in development & I asking users for their input as I put the finishing touches on the program.

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-Rug Doctor is more like a Rug Killer!

-My Opinion on "Brute Force" carpet cleaning

-The TRUTH about ChemDry

-Have Allergies? Learn more on what you can do in your home to improve air quality.

-What is Encapsulation cleaning & why it's perfect for maintaining commercial carpet.

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Welcome to the home of Reilly's Carpet Cleaning, formerly Coughlin's Carpet Cleaning. My name is Brandon Reilly & I'm the owner / operator of Reilly's Carpet Cleaning. I have been with the company almost 14 years. I worked for Coughlan's Carpet Cleaning for 6 years before purchasing the business from Jack and Jim Coughlin in June 2008. I continue to offer excellent service at great prices. If you had Coughlin's Carpet Cleaning clean your carpets from 2002-2008, I am the guy that did 95% of the cleaning for the Coughlin's during that time frame.

1-24-2016: Not too much longer and we will be at Springs doorstep. It's never too early to get on the schedule for your Spring cleaning. Also, we do work through the Winter provided the outside temperatures are above 20F. Any colder & the risk of damaging our equipment due to frozen water lines is too great.


Brandon Reilly - owner / operator for Reilly's Carpet Cleaning

1-9-2016: We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and happy New Year. We've certainly been more fortunate this year regarding the weather compared to last Winter, but it look like the good times couldn't last forever. With the colder temps we are holding off on scheduling appointments until 1-18-2016 but still call to setup an appointment, because when the weather breaks we will be swamped. This week will also allow me to work on a couple things on the cleaning truck to make sure it continues to perform through out the busy Spring cleaning season. Stay warm & we look forward to another great year of providing the most thorough cleaning service available.


Brandon Reilly

12-20-2015: We would like to thank all of our customers for a great 2015 and look forward to serving the community in 2016. We will be closed until January 4th 2016, so have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thank you,

Brandon & Katie Reilly


3-21-2015: The online estimator program is almost done. I have a couple more features that I would like to add, but the most important parts are functioning.



-Brandon Reilly

FINALLY!! We'll it looks like we made it through the worst of the winter!
Got Salt?
No worries! It's nothing Reilly's Carpet Cleaning can't handle!
With all the snow melting, the mud that's on its way and the salt left over from this miserable Winter, now is the perfect time to get your carpets and tile cleaned. We are now offering 10% off all cleaning jobs over $150!

Call 716-679-4546 to let us take care of your Spring Cleaning needs.


Brandon Reilly

Commercial job with lots of salt from the winter Commercial carpet cleaning job winter salt clean up

Cleaning Fact: Did you know carpets dry much quicker in the cooler months? The air is drier indoors this time of year due to the heat being on. The lower humidity allows moisture to evaporate more rapidly and our already quick drying times are even better.



<--WARNING!! Choosing the cleaning company with the lowest price without considering other factors may lead to someone like this showing up on your doorstep. To make your sure this doesn't happen to you, I've compiled a simple checklist that you can use to help you make the right choice when hiring a cleaning professional to come into your home.

Knowledge is power & I've tried to offer as much information pertaining to the cleaning industry as possible to prevent consumers from choosing a company based purely on price. It is unfortunate, but there are companies out there that don't have morals and will try to bait & switch along with other questionable sales tactics.

I've spent a lot of time creating this site not just to get more business, but to inform the consumer about the flooring & upholstery cleaning business. Even if you don't decide to hire us to perform the work you need done, I hope at the very least to help you to make an informed discission when hiring a company to come into your home to take care of your cleaning needs.

Please use the checklist below I've made to help you choose what cleaning company best suits your needs.

Checklist to use when choosing a professional cleaning company.
  Who is the cleaning technician that will be coming into your home & do they have the knowledge & experience to do the job right?
  Does the company you intend to hire use a truckmounted cleaning system utilizing Hot Water Extraction?
  Do they rinse the carpet or run a cleaning chemical through their wand without a rinse?
  Have they been certified by the IICRC?
  What is the business's standing with the Better Business Bureau?
  Are they insured?

Katie and Brandon under the rainbow

Below are my (Brandon's) answers to the above checklist/questioner. If you have additional questions / concerns, please contact us at: 679-4546 (Katie Reilly - The Boss) or you can send a TXT to 672-9226 (Brandon Reilly - The Cleaner). Please note that during business hours I am in customers homes and out of respect to the customer, I will not answer my phone so I can focus 100% on the task at hand. Please leave a message with Katie (716-679-4546) and she will return your call as soon as possible. It's the only downside of being an owner / operated business but a necessary evil when quality is my #1 priority.

Thank you for understanding,

Katie & Brandon Reilly



  • Reilly's Carpet Cleaning is owner / operated. So you know Brandon Reilly will use his 12+ years of experience and knowledge to properly clean each & every job.
  • Reilly's Carpet Cleaning utilizes Hot Water Extraction (the preferred method by carpet manufacturers) using a custom box truck equipped with a powerful Hydramaster truck mounted cleaning system. This ensures a deep clean while still maintaining rapid drying times.
  • At Reilly's Carpet Cleaning, the only cleaning solution we use is during the pre-conditioning phase. This works at loosing the soils so they can be easily rinsed & extracted. Leaving no residue behind. Some company's just run a cleaning solution through there machine with out following up with a proper rinse. This is what accounts for rapid re-soiling.
  • The IICRC is the organization that sets standards in the cleaning industry. At the completion of the classes, a individual must take a test to complete certification. Brandon Reilly passed both the Carpet & Upholstery certification tests with a score of over 90% on each exam.
  • Reilly's Carpet Cleaning maintains a A+ BBB rating. This helps give you the peace of mind knowing that if a problem does arise, it will be taken care of to the customers satisfaction.
  • Reilly's Carpet Cleaning is fully insured and can provide certificates of liability if needed.


LIMITED TIME ONLY!!! If you have had Chem Dry attempt to clean your carpets but are not satisfied, please call us. We will clean 1 room FREE of charge and show you the amount of Chemicals and soil they have left in your carpet. More details can be found here.

<---This picture was taken of a job I did where ChemDry cleaned the carpets only 3 months prior. There was so much of their cleaning chemical left in the carpet that I had to shut my equipment down for a minute to add defoammer because my waste tank filled up with foam. The chemicals they felt behind made the carpet tacky and acted like a magnet for dirt & dust. This is what accounts for rapid re-soiling after carpets have been improperly cleaned. So much for their claim that no residue left behind!!!


We are the only Carpet Cleaning Company in the Dunkirk/Fredonia area that is both IICRC Certified & have a A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Remember when choosing a cleaning company to come into your home, that you make sure they are IICRC certified. Company's that aren't do not take the cleaning industry serious enough to get the proper training to clean your possessions the correct way.

You can now TEXT us to setup cleaning appointments. Just text us the total square footage you need cleaned and we will TEXT you back with our soonest availability. Send Appointment requests to 716-672-9226. Note: You will need to provide correct contact information & any cancellations within 24 hours of appointment will be subjected to the $40 cancellation fee (See bottom of page).
*Sometimes there will be up to a 90 min. delay since this is our mobile # and we cannot respond right away when we're on the road.

We clean Oriental and other natural fiber rugs

Because these types of rugs require extra attention to prevent issues such as bleeding, we can bring these back to our shop to clean and bring them back to you within 7-10 days.

Please note that we aren't doing any pickup & deliveries till Spring 2016. We use the floor space that is normally used to clean rugs for storing equipment during the winter months. Thanks for understanding.


Updates and important articles:

New Service! : We now offer Encapsulation for commercial carpet.

Update: Beware of ChemDry's claims, please read more here.

New article: Preparation Checklist - Things to do Before we arrive

New article: Rug Doctor more like Rug Killer

I have put together a page that brings to light the pitfalls of renting a Rug Doctor or using a home carpet cleaning machine to clean your carpets. Please read before purchasing or renting one of these units.

Have an odor problem? We now offer rentals of our highly effective odor removal system. Works great on Smoke smell and organic odors. The unit will treat up to 10,000 cubic feet and also works great with vehicles. $49.99/day rental (1 day is all that is needed in most situations.) More details.


Online Deals!

Winter Specials available now!!! Print coupons from your computer.

It's a great time to get on the schedule for a deep Fall cleaning of your carpets, upholstery and tile. Call today! 679-4546

Did you know that the Fall & Winter are great times to have your carpets cleaned. With the heat on in the cooler months, carpets can dry up to 2x faster.. Check out the Fall Specials for more details.

We are based in Fredonia, NY. Are service area however extends about a 30 mile radius from Fredonia, NY. Below is a list of areas that we service. If you live within a 30 mile radius of the Dunkirk and Fredonia area and your town isn't listed, please let us know.

We service the following communities:

Minimum Charge
Fredonia, NY $85.00
Dunkirk, NY $85.00
Van Buren Bay, NY $85.00
Brocton, NY $85.00
Portland, NY $85.00
Westfield, NY $125.00
Mayville, NY $185.00
Bemus Point*, NY $225.00
Chautauqua*, NY $225.00
Lakewood*, NY $275.00
Cassadaga, NY $85.00
Sinclairville, NY $125.00
South Dayton*, NY $295.00
Cherry Creek*, NY $295.00
Forestville, NY $115.00
Hanover, NY $125.00
Silver Creek, NY $115.00
Sunset Bay, NY & Hanford Bay, NY $115.00
Angola, NY $185.00
Irving, NY $125.00
Farnham, NY $185.00

Please note that the farther away from the Dunkirk and Fredonia area, the higher the minimum charge will be. This is to help cover the extra time and gas costs that we incur. If you live a distance from us, see if your neighbors or near by family members would also like to schedule our services. The more work we have in your area on a particular day, the more flexible we can be with pricing.

*These town are outside our service area but we will still setup bigger cleaning jobs in these locations that can offset our travel costs.

Notice of cancellation fee: Due to recent events, we are imposing a $40.00 charge if you cancel an appointment within 24 hours before the job. People have been setting up appointments and canceling on the last minute and when they take up a slot in the schedule it puts people that may want us to come sooner further back. Also, we will refuse to service you after 2 cancellations. We hate to do this, but we've turned down jobs because of a full schedule, only later to have someone cancel and it ends up being that we could have fit in the person we turned down if we would have known someone was going to cancel. Also, if we arrive at your residence and you cancel / reschedule then, you will also be billed for travel expenses on top of the $40 fee.


A SIDE NOTE ABOUT OWNER / OPERATED BUSINES. PLEASE READ ---> Since I am a owner operator business, sometimes during the day I am not able to answer the phone when I'm on the road or cleaning in a customers home. Please note that both business lines get forwarded to cell phones & I do have my wife helping me with calls, but she has a full time job and can only check messages through out the day (But is excellent at getting back to people as soon as she's available.) I understand that when you call you want to talk to someone right away, but since I am primarily a mobile business I will not answer the phone when driving. Please leave a message so we can get back to you as soon as we are available.

Thank you for understanding our situation,,

Brandon (TXT: 672-9226) & Katie Reilly (CALL: 679-4546)

If you are interested in setting up an appointment or have any questions about carpet cleaning, please call us at:



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